Everyone thought Diamond and I dated – Avril

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#Avril explained why she agreed to be a video vixen for #DiamondPlatnumz’ single Kesho. In an #interview with Kiss FM’s Chito for the Maloko Show, Avril also talked about her new exciting music project featuring A Pass, and her life in the public eye. .
The song has already become an online favourite in just three weeks. .

Avril said that after starring in Diamond’s song, she has maintained a friendship with him. Before she releases a song, she seeks Diamond’s approval, because she values it so much, but made it clear their relationship is all music-based. .
She said: “Everyone thought Diamond and I dated and others thought I was now a video vixen, but it was all music, and even up to date, we chat. I send him a track before I release a song because I value his opinion.” .
Avril said she could not understand why the Kenya Wildlife Board picked a Ugandan musician, Eddy Kenzo, as their brand ambassador. .
She said: “In my music, I always try and paint the picture of Kenya, and so as a Kenyan, I would be best placed to show appreciation of the country, as compared to an outsider, who doesn’t even speak Kiswahili. I hope one day they will use a Kenyan to represent #Kenya.”

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